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Become more VISIBLE to potential clients

No matter how great you are, if they do not see you often enough, you are not the first choice they turn to when they need what you have to offer. Learn how to be seen and be consistent without spending all day online.

People buy from people. Personal brand (marketing with YOU at the front of it all) is the secret to competition-proofing and future proofing your business!

Build Engagement and Generate More LEADS

Social Media Marketing is all about being Social: building great relationships with people in your audience through, showing up authentically, as who you are, strategic vulnaribility (but fully retaining your privacy) and personal connection.
It is not about going viral. It is not about 200+ people watching your lives. It is more about how you connect and follow up with those who do engage with your content, and how you allow those who may be just watching witness your personal touch magic! (Lurkers buy even more than the active followers!)

All in just 30-60 min a day!

Online marketing does not have to take over your life. It is not about how long you spend on Facebook each day (if you are spending too long, you are doing it wrong). But when you need more clients marketing+sales MUST become your main focus. Will 1 hour a day be worth it?

You will see a huge difference over the next 90 days when you start implementing the exact strategies that helped me build the brand and the business that allows me to be financially and location independed – even in the times of global crisis!

Let me be Your Guide!

Hi, I’m Juliette Stapleton and I am a Visibility Strategist for experts, service providers & coaches who want to build recognition as thought-leaders and go-to names in their niches. I help build an online presence & a Personal Brand that sets the stage from the first impression to the authority that positions you as an asset to your clients.

A presence that allows to:

  • add more revenue streams,
  • have a clear message to attract better quality leads
  • grow + scale profitably & confidently

If we work together I can help you:

BE  SEEN – using Facebook as a primary platform for your visibility and connecting to your ideal client

BE PERCEIVED as a thought-leader and a sought-after expert as we create a winning personal brand strategy and focus on building your authority 

BE HEARD as we fine tune your unique voice to attract and convert the correct people into your business 


From planning content to biulding your tribe, from livestreaming to building authority with interviews, from growing your reach to using Facebook as your CRM, plus tons of actionable tips and real proven strategies to make you seen and attracting more clients