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A better way to master Facebook Client Attraction without compromising your Authentic self

Get all the training and support you need to quickly boost your visibility on Facebook & beyond without frustration, “tech overwhelm” or being persuaded to buy another overpriced Facebook marketing course again!

Join Us & Access ALL trainings for just €79 per month

Do not get overwhelmed!

Become a Fearless Client Attraction member and get access to all our trainings, webinars, resources and recordings, existing and future ones, so you can learn at your own pace and to your own requirements with our Fearless Client Attraction Academy.

Rather than sell one-off training programs that only solve a small problem and often lead to more frustration and overwhelm, we offer a "closed loop" learning system that can take you from optimising your personal profile to Newsfeed domination from using our Fearless Client Attraction approach in just 90 days.

This membership will also give you training on-demand, based on the needs of the community to ensure you have everything you need to successfully build your visibility on Facebook and attract clients to your business.

Plus we hold one group coaching every month in our Student group and weekly Q&A sessions from questions posted during the week.

Profile Optimisation

5 hacks to turn your Facebook Personal Profile into a Client Magnet Machine.

Discussion Driven Content

Create meaningful conversations and boost your reach through the posts specifically designed to sparkle discussions.

Business Pages - 2018 version

Learn about and take full advantage of the latest updates about what Business Pages can and cannot do to boost your visibility on Facebook.

Facebook Groups

(coming soon) Learn how to name & set up your group correctly from the start and how to mine data for your products and marketing to monetise your Facebook group.

Authentic Connections

Expand your visibility through connecting your Personal profile to your ideal audience

855 Engagement Bomb Questions

Access a collection of convo boosters designed to get people talking about themselves while boosting YOUR visibility.

Start Using Messenger Bots

(coming soon) set up and start building your audience to boost your lead generation with this amazing content delivery & marketing tool.

Master Facebook Live Video

(coming soon) Learn how to be confident on live video, create content and tons of hacks how to boost engagement and reach on your broadcasts.

(Visibility Strategist, Creator of Fearless Client Attraction system & Founder of Fearless Nation)

I could keep you here for hours, but I am not going to read you through “I am so awesome” BS.

have 15 years of Digital Marketing Expertise, especially when it comes to Facebook, and especially with attraction marketing, which means engagement and reach. I am in a business of helping entrepreneurs go from struggling to get any sign of life from their audience whatsoever, to Meaningful Engagement that leads those ideal clients straight to the sales pages and call booking platforms.

I help determined entrepreneurs create a content strategy focused on building relationships with prospects (that magic Know, LOVE & Trust factor). People buy from people, not brands, and I have learnt the power of it first hand.

You do not have to be an extravert, an experienced copywriter, a professional video presenter or graphic designer to create an impact online. But you do have to be Authentic and true to yourself. And, of course, consistent and patient, ready to look for clarity within and opportunities around you.  

This website is a collection of my online trainings, masterclasses, webinars and whatever else I may come out with online. It is a great place to start learning some strategies and visibility hacks to build a Personal Brand online.

Not looking for a long learning curve and need you hand held through the process?
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